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Social media is exploding and whether it is an individual or a brand, there’s practically no one who does not want to ramp up their social media game. Most users and businesses are totally unwilling to invest in accounts that show little or no interaction and absence of engagement. This, consequently, affects the reach and everything thereafter.

As the social media platforms, particularly Instagram, are hosting billions of users on a day to day basis, relying solely on organic reach through content doesn’t prove too helpful. Social media platforms have algorithms that limit the engagement accounts receive. Thus, to be on par with competitors, it’s important to invest in engagement plans for high engagement and account growth.

All of the engagement plans and packages that we offer are carefully made in order to ensure that you get the desired level of exposure and online presence through likes, views, and comments on your content. What sets Digital Nod apart from our counterparts is our transparency and passion to go the extra mile for our clients – even if that involves communicating that ads do not always make the best choice when it comes to reaching out to the right set of audience. So, our goal remains to increase your Instagram reach in the algorithmic-feed world, in a way that is sustainable and you are rewarded in the long-run, too.

Why choose our service?

Converting your desires into reality

Safe and secure 

Though it may seem simple and quick to generate likes, views, and comments, our approach of doing business takes into consideration the aspects of your account’s safety and privacy. This not only prevents any potent danger and problems along the way but also makes your investment worth it.  


At Digital Nod, we pride ourselves in providing our clients only with real likes, comments, and views from select and genuine Instagram accounts that are operated by real people. Our experience and expertise allow us to commit that every Instagram like or comment that you obtain will only come from active users in the community. 

Monthly autopay system 

Your convenience and comfort matter to us the most. Forget the efforts of signing up for lengthy contracts or monthly retainers – we follow a monthly autopay system that enables you to rest assured whilst the service fee gets deducted from your account on the pre-decided date and day.  

Easy cancellation  

We like to leave a lasting impression on our clients. Should our service not be up to the mark, you hold the right to cancel the project. We’ll refund any order that isn’t delivered as desired.  

Immediate results 

Time is money, and we assure you that you’ll attain immediate results as you acquire our services. Our process is expedited the moment you select your package, resulting in quicker increase in the number of likes, comments, and views from high-profile, authentic users and influencers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this service safe?

Yes, this service is absolutely safe. You’ll attain visibility only from real accounts, and thus, they are likely to stay engaged with you if the content produced is relevant and interesting. 

Do you need my password?

No, we do not need your password. All that’s needed is your profile name and target audience.  

Will these likes and comments go away in the near future?

No, these likes and comments are genuine, from real and active people behind the screens. So, they won’t be deleted in the future.  

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription with us at any point in time by dropping us an email 48 hours prior to the time you want the service to be stopped. 

Does the discontinuation of service risk my account in any way?

No, even if the subscription is discontinued, it does not hamper your account in any way. The existing likes, followers, comments, and views will remain untouched and unaffected. 

Will any of these plans help me reach the explore tab?

We do not commit if the plans will help you reach the explore tab or not. 

Do you have other plans under this service?

Yes, we do have a range of plans under this service category. Please drop us an email to source details for the same. 

Do I have a choice of choosing the posts on which I want high engagement?

No, you cannot specifically select a single or few posts on which you want engagement. 

Do you have any plans that help in increasing story views?

Yes, we do have plans that are specially targeted towards increasing story views. Please drop us an email to know more about it. 

Do you have plans to increase live session attendees?

Yes, we do have plans that cater to the needs of people/brands who need an increase in the footfall for live sessions. Please email us to know more. 

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Our Instagram Giveaway Plans

Grow your Instagram following with real followers by participating in our giveaway plans.

1.5K Giveaway



  • One 1.5K Giveaway Participation
  • Gain 1500+ Followers
  • Monthly Auto-participate
  • Genuine Followers (No Bots)
  • US-based Followers Only

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  • One 3K Giveaway Participation
  • Gain 3000+ Followers
  • Monthly Auto-participate
  • Genuine Followers (No Bots)
  • US-based Followers Only

3K Giveaway



  • One 3K Giveaway Participation
  • Gain 3000+ Followers
  • Monthly Auto-participate
  • Genuine Followers (No Bots)
  • International Followers