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Looking to establish authority in your area of expertise as an industry insider, or in other words, a modern-day opinion leader? Want your profile to be distinguished as a reliable and an authentic account, and not a dubious one? Struggling to find ways to showcase your credibility on Twitter?

Collaborate with Digital Nod to join an elite club of verified Twitter personalities and businesses. Be one among the very few account holders among public figures, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and influencers with a verified badge on Twitter and enjoy the features that come along with it. We’ll facilitate the process to get the small blue check to appear next to your name, which will help you improve your chances of gaining followers and demonstrating authority online.

Why choose our service?

Changing your efforts into outcomes

Experience and expertise

We have helped over 1000+ (alter this number if need be) individuals – entrepreneurs, influencers, celebrities, public figures, and musicians worldwide – amplify their profiles with Twitter verification. Digital Nod prides on having direct access to the relevant team at Twitter, which eases and fastens the process, and increases the chances of getting verified.  

Secured Payment System

At Digital Nod, we believe the strength of agency client relationship lies in the transparency, flexibility, and reliability bestowed on each other. We normally use PayPal or bank transfer with a signed agreement to ensure a guaranteed, secure, and speedy payment process for both the parties. If service is not found up to the mark, we refund the fees charged.

Higher Success Rate

We build solutions that are attainable, sustainable, and practical, and thus, making your investment worth the price is our whole and sole purpose. Upon reviewing and auditing your account, if you’re found to be eligible for verification, we file your application directly, or in the other case scenario, align it with the prerequisites, to get the profile verified on Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I verify my Twitter account?

Getting verified on Twitter will not only improve your online credibility and notability but also reflects your personal brand or your organization’s standing & helps set your brand apart from the rest.

Does the number of followers on Twitter make any difference in the verification process?

No, the number of followers of verified accounts vary from millions to thousands. There are very many profiles with a few hundred followers and yet a verification badge. Don’t let the follower count complicate your decision to apply for verification.

Will the follower count increase on my Twitter profile after getting verified?

When you earn Twitter verification, you’ll witness an influx of followers from people for obvious reasons like increased brand awareness, higher trust, and more relevance.

Will my verification badge stay permanently?

The verification badge is not necessarily permanent. At any given time if your profile is found to be breaking the terms of use, Twitter can remove verification.

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