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Twitter has become the new battleground of thought leadership and a verified profile makes your brand all the more powerful!

Twitter was the first social media platform to introduce the concept of blue-ticks or verified profiles. Here are some of the most common queries on Twitter verification:

how do I Get
Verified on

To get verified on Twitter, you need the right agency partner to guide you through the process. Unlike earlier, directly applying on Twitter for verification isn't working anymore.

Will my verification
badge stay

Yes, your verification badge will be permanent, unless, you violate Twitter’s terms or guidelines.

Does the number of followers on Twitter make any difference in the verification process?

Yes, authoritative websites appear on top of Google search results, while some also index on Google News. You can choose from a list of publications that are guaranteed to appear on Google and other search engines.

Twitter Verification

What factors help in making your Twitter verification request worth-considering?

The biggest factor you need are press articles talking about you or your brand published in top media publications. Online news articles or press coverages in 5 to 7 publications is what you would need before applying for Twitter verification.

A verified profile on another social media platform like Facebook or Instagram adds credibility to your application.

This is the real deal. An application submitted via a reputable media agency portal is a gamechanger and can help you get verified in less than three weeks. This is what differentiates Digital Nod from other agencies – the right kind of access.


We have helped over 1000+ brands, entrepreneurs, influencers, celebrities, public figures, and musicians worldwide – add credibility to their Twitter profiles with a blue-check mark.

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Frequently asked questions

Twitter verification is specifically for politicians, CEOs, influencers or personal accounts. It is meant for people with real content, photos, and visibility. Company accounts and non-personal accounts are not included. Individuals that are notable or public figures can be verified on Twitter.

No, the number of followers of verified accounts vary from millions to thousands. There are many profiles with a few hundred followers and yet have a verification badge. Don’t let the follower count complicate your decision to apply for verification. Getting verified on Twitter has nothing to do with the number of followers you have.

What does matter is your online presence and notability. Being featured in the media with articles on notable publications helps. For example, articles on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Yahoo, and other top-tier publications matter. Having a page on Wikipedia also adds substantial value to your digital presence.

You are entitled to a full refund if your profile is not verified within 90 days. We can also submit your profile again and retry for verification after a 30-day break

Our team of experts will review your application. Before submitting your profile for verification, we do a notability check. Once all of these things are in place, we will submit your profile to Twitter.

Yes, we can help create and publish articles on notable publications. These featured articles will help bolster your online presence. It will also help you get verified on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Yes, verification is guaranteed. We only process an order, when we are sure of verification. To guarantee verification, we ensure that you have 10-15 articles in notable publications.

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