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What Happens After You Book Your Order?

Once you book your PR order, you will receive a confirmation email from our PR team. Reply to that email with the article that you want to get published. We’ll start the publishing process within the next 24 hours and share the link as soon as the article goes live.

Do I need to be an entrepreneur or a celebrity to get featured?

Not necessarily. You could be anyone — a brand, a crypto expert, a musician, an athlete, an artist, a doctor, or even an up-and-coming YouTuber! We can get you featured irrespective of your profession or industry.

What does a 100% guarantee mean?

Our PR orders are protected by a 100% guarantee, which means that we will issue you a full refund in the rarest case that we fail to get you published within the promised turnaround time.

Do I need to provide the article, or will your team write them?

Yes. Since this is an express sale where we guarantee to start publishing your article in 24 hours, the article needs to be provided by you. However, if you wish to get the article written by our team of content writing experts instead, there will be an additional charge of $60, and the TAT will increase by 72 hours.

How long will my articles stay live on the platforms?

All links are permanent and will always stay live.

Can I use these articles for marketing and/or share them on my social media?

Of course! You’ll have been featured in these publications officially, and you may certainly let everyone know about your press coverage!

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