tiktok Verification in The U.k.

A verification badge unlocks the opportunities available to the top 1% of TikTok’s userbase. Select Influencers on the world’s most popular short-form video-sharing app enjoy higher visibility, likes, shares and popularity after receiving the verification badge.

However, TikTokers with a considerable fanbase or even established brands in the U.K. seek clarity on queries like:

how do I Get
verified on

Getting verified on TikTok is possible if you’re an influencer, musician, celebrity, TV personality, public figure, renowned entrepreneur, and alike in the U.K. However, your notability must be established.

How Does The Verification Process Work?

TikTok grants the blue badge to the user accounts who have extensive coverage in online news publications and are verified on at least one other social media platform (Twitter/ Instagram/ Facebook/ YouTube).

Does My account Size Matter For Verification?

The number of followers does not make a big difference while getting your account verified on TikTok. What matters is your online presence when someone Googles your name.

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what is required to get verified on tiktok?

Your online press coverage is the #1 factor that TikTok considers for extending the verification badge.

A verified social media profile on another platform like Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/YouTube strengthens your chances for getting verified on TikTok.

A verification request submitted through a reputable media agency portal is one of the most crucial factors for TikTok verification.


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Frequently asked questions

Getting verified on TikTok will improve your brand value, multiply your organic following, prevent the risk of impersonation, and increase your account’s trustworthiness amongst viewers.

Yes, the badge will be permanent as long as you follow the guidelines set by TikTok.

You are entitled to a full refund if your profile is not verified within 90 days. We can also submit your profile again and retry for verification after a 30-day break.

The verification badge on TikTok will help audiences know that the content they are viewing is from a genuine source. This will help your brand automatically build trust, increase its popularity, and give you an edge against your competitors.

– Yes, we can help create and publish articles on notable publications

– These featured articles will help bolster your online presence

– It will also help you get verified on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others

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Yes, your verification is guaranteed. We only process an order when we are sure of verification. To guarantee verification, we ensure that the influencer or brand has 7-10 articles in notable publications.

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