*Total Brand Awareness Package is for Enterpreneurs/Artists/Doctors/ Individuals**

**Prices for a corporate brand are different. Reach us for more information

Looking to get featured on USA Today?

We offer a no-frills, guaranteed partnership with one of America’s leading digital publications. With us, you’re just one step away from reaching an audience of millions – directly on their favorite platform.

Why USA Today?

  • A massive 150 million + unique monthly visitors.
  • 300+ local digital properties across 46 states.
  • Nearly 40 years of goodwill and trust across the US.
  • Ranked within the world’s top 500 websites for engagement on Alexa.

What Makes Digital Nod Stand Apart From Other Agencies?

At Digital Nod, we strive to ensure your advertorial campaigns are coordinated seamlessly and offer real results that help boost your business. Here’s what we offer:

  • Guaranteed placement in USA Today through our strong partnership.
  • Lightning-quick turnaround time – standard drafts can go live within two business days.
  • A 100% money-back guarantee – when it comes to delivering results, we don’t compromise.
  • A thoroughly client-oriented approach – we fulfill all your digital PR needs and more.



All successful brands have one thing in common - their community trusts them. This level of trust helps successful brands enjoy undivided loyalty from their customers.


Great brands don't become famous in a day. It takes a planned effort to make people aware about them. Being in the news with a blue badge gives a brand the required attention it needs to become recognized.


More people like to associate with great brands. The blue tick puts your brand in the company of such brands. Verified brands receive a higher response, better ranking, and more reach on social platforms.


The Direct Verification Package
$3300* onwards

i. 7-12 articles published in well-known publications
ii. A verified Facebook page or profile significantly expedites the verification process.

We have a wealth of experience with verification and we can save you the hassle of rejected requests.

This package has been discounted down from $4200 to $3300 for individuals. Take advantage of this amazing offer today!
*Separate prices for brands

Total Brand Awareness Package

Deliverables: We will help your brand achieve notability by providing you 12 press articles that talk about your brand and your story.
ii. Each article will be published in well-known online publications which have a very high reader base. We will apply for verification offering you a 100% verification guarantee and a complete refund if your account(s) isn't /aren't successfully verified.

Avail this incredible package now at the reduced cost of $15000, discounted from $18000!

Custom Packages

With the Custom Package, we will analyze your profile and customize the package to perfectly fit your brand. We will base the pricing on how many articles you currently have online.

Get in touch today and let us build up your online presence!

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Ask Us Anything

We have the answers for you!

– Instagram verification is specifically for all notable entrepreneurs, influencers, personalities and companies
– It is for people with genuine content, photos, and visibility
– Individuals that are notable or public figures can be verified
– Still have a doubt? Fill out the form above anyway and we will let you know at no cost to you

No, getting verified on Instagram has nothing to do with the number of followers you have. The Instagram team checks for your online notability. Having a strong profile online with lots of news coverage is the primary determinant. Having a Wikipedia page also helps significantly expedite the process. Having lots of followers on your profile is definitely helpful but is not grounds to determine your notability.

Yes, you are entitled to a full refund if your profile does not get verified in the specified time frame.

– We review all profiles that are received. Once you sign up, a dedicated response team is appointed to hand hold the entire process for you
– Before submitting your profile for verification, we consider your online presence / notability
– For verification, you will require at least 7-12 news articles published on leading publications
– Depending on the package you sign up for we create the required press articles 
– Once all of the above is in place, we will submit your profile for verification to Instagram
– The Instagram team will consider your application and add the blue check next to your name on your profile

– Yes, we can help create and publish articles on notable news publications
– These articles will help bolster your online presence
– It will also help you get verified on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok

– Yes, verification is guaranteed
– We only submit an application when we are confident that it is is eligible for verification
– We ensure that every applicant profile has 12-15 articles in notable news publications and a strong digital presence before submission. If you don’t have this, we can help you bolster your digital presence as well

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