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We assist solo musicians and labels in standing out amidst this overcrowded place. 

Digital Nod is a trusted digital PR agency that amplifies your personal brand by improving your social media engagement, building your online presence, and getting you verified on various social media platforms. 

What do we offer to musicians?

Guaranteed Services

Our experience of working with major labels and independent artists allows us to offer a 100% guarantee of our service 

Quicker turn-around time

We have an established track record of delivering our services faster than any other agency can, without compromising quality. 

Experienced team of professionals

Our team consists of top-level digital PR experts, content writers, and consultants focused on delivering high-end services to our clients.

Competitive pricing

We provide you with customizable packages that are fairly priced and geared towards producing results. Digital Nod ensures our clients get the complete value of every investment. 

Why should musicians work with us?

Engage your fans, promote your music, and bring your work into the spotlight

Instagram Verification

Showcase authenticity, improve your online exposure and reach a new level of visibility with the power of Instagram verification.

Facebook Verification

Reach out to a wider audience, give your music career the edge it needs, and become a viral sensation overnight by securing a Facebook verification badge.

Twitter Verification

Get verified on Twitter and reassure your fans that they are interacting with the real you.

TikTok Verification

Acquire the sought-after verification badge on TikTok and stand out as an artist in today’s competitive digital world.

Guaranteed Media Placements

Leverage our access to high-tier premium publications and secure guaranteed media placements. Reach the audience you desire, improve your online presence, and raise your authority organically.

Instagram Followers Growth Plans

Profit from our expertise to provide real, organic followers and increase the impact of your posts on Instagram while boosting your account to the next level.

Social Media Engagement Plans

Step up your social media game by targeting, attracting, and engaging niche-specific users and fans to like, comment, save and share your content.

Frequently asked questions

As a musician, you need 10-12 press coverages in top media publications to get verified on Facebook.A verified profile on Instagram will add credibility to your application and strengthen your chances to secure Facebook verification.

The verification badge on TikTok will help audiences know that they are interacting with the real artist. This will increase your popularity and build trust among followers and fans.

Getting verified on Twitter is not associated with the number of followers. What is essential is your notability and online presence.

The process is quite identical to the Facebook verification process. You would need 10-12 press coverages in top media publications to get verified on Instagram. A verified account on some other social media platform would further boost your verification application on Instagram.

For musicians, it is critical to have a strong social media presence in order to promote their upcoming music releases, engage more effectively with their fans, and build a loyal online following.

A musician in today’s times must have a strong presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

A musician needs to be present on multiple social media channels. Twitter is ideal for expressing your views or opinions on different subjects. Facebook is great for sharing information regarding upcoming live shows and events. Instagram and TikTok are perfect for engaging with your fans and promoting your new releases.

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